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Google Ads

Google Ads (AdWords) is an advertising system by Google which allows users to bid on keywords to have their advertisement shown on search. Learning about the process of the auction, bidding process, and quality score can really help you with your website and its advertisements being shown to consumers.


Quality Score

The first step is to learn about quality score and what exactly a quality score does for your ad. Google has three factors that determine your quality score: 1. Expected clickthrough rate 2. Ad Relevance 3. Landing Page Experience. By having a high quality score, your website proves it is excellent in the three factors.

Quality score determines the placement of your ad, as well as how much you pay for your ad. says “you will get more traffic and pay less for that traffic if you can produce a better relevance/quality score.” Another thing to keep in mind, just because you have the highest bid doesn’t mean your site will be shown first. Although a high bid does help your score, but the three factors ultimately determine your placement.

Landing Page

Next, having a relevant landing page will also boost your quality score. For example, if someone searches “Adidas soccer ball”, they should expect to see adidas soccer balls first. Take a look at the following photos from

As you can see, that the ad snippet says exactly what you were searching for. Once you click the link, you are directed to a landing page perfect for your needs. These are the qualities of a good ad with a good quality score.

Ad Auction

Every time a user searches for a product or service on Google, an auction takes place. Companies can set a maximum CPC amount to try and have their ad shown higher. But as we learned, theres factors that need to be taken in account. Google Adsense provides more insight about this process, which you can find at this link

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