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In previous blogs, we’ve been learning the background about SEO and how it is vital for a marketer to know. In this blog, we will be talking about how The University of Michigan-Dearborn can use SEO to their advantage. Being a public university, UofM-Dearborn heavily relies on high enrollment to bring in revenue for the school. A lot of students come here for the cheap, highly rated education. Others come here for the easy commute. We want to break down the way future students see ads and are attracted to the University’s website.


We can all agree that backlinks are always vital and can improve your ad rank and SEO. The University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business is one of the most prestigious in the midwest. Between good recommendations and tough classes, the college of business receives multiple awards yearly. For someone looking up “Best online MBA programs”, this link would appear through google search. Not only is UM-Dearborn included, this also provides an entry for more information.

Good Content

To begin, content is always key for us. Good content with excellent keywords are important. Keywords are our drivers to bring people to our website. By including keywords like “public school”, “affordable college”, etc, we can attract a market. Since there is a certain market in southeast Michigan, it is important to use keywords to describe what our market is looking for.

Organic Searches

I’m assuming UMD would prefer more organic searches than having to pay for clicks. It so happens that UMD has an education domain which will help their ad rank. They become more reputable with it. It is a website people can trust and will likely have a great landing page. We can expect a majority of southeast Michigan searching for UMD when looking for colleges, its those who are looking about programs or other schools we want to drive awareness too. Whether they’re looking up engineering or business programs, we want UMD to be at the top of their search. By showing good content, having a great landing page and good keywords, we can make that happen.

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